10 Things To Do When You Are Having A Challenging Day

Yesterday I asked that you do something nice for yourself this weekend. I hope you made your “treat” list and have already planned that special something just for you! But what about those days when things are challenging and just the thought of trying to do something for yourself is a chore?Energy, Relax, Relaxation, Self-Care

We all definitely have those days! I have my personal “treat” list available but some the items take some planning and when my day is a bit rocky, I want something easy to do to help with the stress. Here are 10 things to do that will help ease a challenging day!

  1. Read a good book – you know I had to put this on the list. Maybe it’s that book that is so worn from multiple readings – that’s okay. Just means it’s a favorite and a comfort item.
  2.  Go outside for a walk even if it’s just a walk down the street or around your backyard. Just go outside!
  3.  Take a break from social media! This is huge because sometimes our feeds can become a drama fest!
  4.  Find a book, video, movie – something that will make you laugh.
  5. Take a nice, hot shower. This will relax those tense muscles.
  6. Meditate even if it’s only 5 minutes. It will help!
  7. Make a gratitude list. Write those things you’re grateful for even if things feel a bit rocky at the moment.
  8. Spend time with family or friends.
  9. Listen to your favorite music and either lay down and relax or get up and dance 
  10. Cuddle with your favorite someone.

As with other lists I’ve posted before, this one could be rather long but I posted some of my favorites ideas. Any of these items will help you forget your troubles if only for a short time but that’s a start on the path to feeling better about your day.





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Apr 13, 2019

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